Lane Cove Art Society (LCAS)


Features & Mentions
  • New Memberships
  • Membership Renewal
  • Artist Entry Forms
  • Dashboard
  • Branding
  • Memberships & Booking
  • UI / UX Website Design
  • WordPress Development

An online community hub for artists

Bright Bird worked with LCAS in 2022, with the main goals of rebranding, managing their members online & redesigning their website. The main UX / UI challenge was to create easy to follow & understand journeys for new members joining & existing members renewing & managing their account online. They also had 2 exhibtions which after completing the project are now fully automated with online entries & payment. These exhibition entries were bespoke UI / UX flows that also had to be easy to use & understand because of the demographic.


As part of the website redesign & building new membership features their logo needed updating. The brief was to create something creative that flowed while also being inclusive as a members association. Here is the old logo to new logo & some concepts that were considered.

Exhibition & Membership

As part of the yearly exhibition season, artists needed an easy way to enter into the exhibition.

Building on from the login flow, members would access a dashboard which linked to an art entry form flow, which they would enter their personal details, art work info & payment.

This flow also went on to manage an internal process for staff to organise the entries during the exhibition & for artists collect earnings from sold paintings or to pick up art from the exhibition

Project Stats


Percent increase in overall exhibition entries


Memberships renewed in first 3 months


Weekly hours saved from new online automation